Residential Real Estate
Buying or selling a home is one of the most important legal transactions youíll ever be involved in. Our office has years of experience in the residential real estate field. We will assist you in reviewing the contract, negotiating any possible issues along the way and coordinating the closing with your lender. If you are purchasing property, we will perform a title search to assure you that youíll have marketable title. We will also represent you and your lender at the closing table and explain all of the lenderís documents. Then, we hand record your documents at the town hall so that the public record accurately reflects your ownership. If you are selling, we will order your mortgage payoffs, prepare your deeds and attend your closing. We also provide representation for you and your lender if you are refinancing your home. We are well versed in all aspects of residential real estate and welcome your questions. Please call us to discuss how we can assist you.

Commercial Real Estate
Commercial real estate transactions can be confusing and appear overwhelming. We have represented parties in all types of commercial transactions, from one owner dog salons to multi million dollar real estate development transactions. We will advise you as to what certifications and inspections are necessary, what documentation you need to provide to the town where you are doing business and prepare the documents to assist you to buy or sell your commercial property. We have represented both individuals and lenders in commercial transactions so we are familiar with all aspects of the closing. Owning your own business is a full time job, we want you to be able to concentrate on that job and trust that all your legal needs are being handled efficiently and competently.

Landlord Tenant
Our office provides the best eviction service any office can provide. There is a dedicated Paralegal who works solely on evictions, enabling the process to be as short in duration as possible. Eviction law in Connecticut is also known as Summary Process, and the process can be lengthy without attorney representation. We have extensive knowledge with all areas of Landlord/Tenant law, and represent private landlords as well as over 30 apartment complexes in three counties in Connecticut, mobile home parks, and Section 8 Housing complexes, each area having separate laws governing evictions. The standard eviction reason is non-payment of rent, although evictions are done for reasons other than non-payment, such as material non-compliance of lease violations (i.e., unauthorized occupants, . Our services include comprehensive leases, which through years of experience, cover any situation which may arise.

Title XIX Planning
The average cost in Connecticut for an individual in a nursing home is over $9,000 a month. If you or a loved one is in need of a long term stay at a skilled nursing facility how long will your savings last? Will you need to sell your house to pay for your medical care? Did you know that making a gift to a loved one of either cash or real estate could possibly disqualify you for Title XIX benefits? The Federal Government and the State of Connecticut, offer programs which provide families with financial assistance for the costs associated with long term stays in skilled nursing facilities or specialized home care. The rules and qualifications surrounding Title XIX, more commonly known as Medicaid, can be very confusing and complicated. We understand these complex eligibility rules and can guide you through the process of applying and qualifying for Title XIX while ensuring that as much of your assets as possible are preserved for your familyís future.

Estate and Tax Planning
A lot of people do not think about their Estate Plan until something tragic happens; they lose a loved one or become seriously ill themselves. The truth is that we should all think about our Estate Plans while we are of clear mind in order to ensure that we make the right decisions about the legacy we leave behind. Our team of attorneys and paralegals offer a variety of Estate Planning services and will work closely with you to put a plan in place which best suits your needs. While some of our clients need a basic Estate Plan others need more complex planning. Some of the more common Estate Planning documents include: Last Wills and Testaments, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney and Living Trusts. Our more specialized services include Trusts for Minors, Special Needs Trusts and Long Term Planning. The size of your estate does not matter, what matters is that you entrust the planning to a competent team who understands your needs and fully understands the law.

Business and Corporate Formation
Do you want to set up a limited liability company for your plumbing business? A non-stock corporation for your condominium association? We can seamlessly guide you through the maze of paperwork required by the Secretary of State, help you obtain your tax identification number and provide you with a set of company books to get you started. We will draft your By-Laws or Operating Agreement and provide you with organizational documentation that you need to keep in your company books. Then once you are up and running we can draft annual meeting minutes, assist you with annual reports or special documentation to keep you current. And, if the lure of retirement becomes great, we can assist you in wrapping up your business as well. Call us and find out how we can help.